In April, 2013, Zurker introduced the Zen, a new digital currency designed to be stable and reliable, and integrated the Zen into the Zurker ecosystem.

Thanks to the introduction of the Zen, it is now possible for members to share in Zurker's success and start earning money with Zurker, as early as today. While Zurker has always promised co-owners and investors success once we become incorporated as a member-owned corporation, building a global social network is a long-term challenge and will take a few years. But now you have a chance to start earning immediately, as an Authorized Agent for Zen.

Groundfloor Opportunity 

The Zen is just getting underway. Supported by the full force of Zurker, the Zen is sure to become a major digital currency. Be one of the first to grow together with the Zen economy.

Advanced Tools 

Instantly transfer Zen or mint Zen coins in real-time from your Zen balance, whichever is easier. Use sophisticated tools such as bite codes to gain the trust of your customers, and our API to automate transactions.

Generous Revenue Sharing 

Our generous revenue sharing with commissions of up to 50% ensures that you will earn enough legal tender (such as USD) to make being an Authorized Agent worth your time.

Free Advertising 

Your site will be linked from the Authorized Agents page, within easy reach from any page on Zurker. Your business will gain recognition and cachet from association with the Zurker brand.

Viral Growth Bonus 

As Zurker grows, so will your business grow. When Zurker starts hitting the mainstream media such as CNN, your profits will only be limited by the size of your inventory and your website's ability to handle traffic and process orders.

Virgin Territory 

The rapid ascent of Bitcoin has shown that the world is entering an era of digital currencies. Unfortunately Bitcoin is flawed in several ways. The Zen is the world's only digital currency managed by an organization run on democratic principles and designed to be stable. As such, the Zen is well-poised to rapidly gain global acceptance, with rich opportunities for early players in the market.

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