04 June, 2014

Online clothing stores

List of online clothing stores:

Find here a breif introduction and list of best online clothing stores for men ,women and for kids.

SINGER22 ,one of the best online clothing stores, was launched as both a retail store and website simultaneously in 2003 by Founder/CEO Jon Singer. 

The site has quickly evolved into one of the Internet's most popular fashion destinations and is looked to by many seeking out new and up-and-coming brands. SINGER22 has been known to launch many new brands and carries the latest in women's contemporary clothing, shoes and accessories. 

SINGER22 has been quick to adapt to the rapidly changing retail environment and uses all avenues to keep in contact with its ever-growing fan-base. The company is adept at utilizing all the various means of social media be it with Twitter or Facebook. 

SINGER22 has teamed up with star fashion bloggers and diligently gets across its distinct fashion point of view through seasonal photo shoots and daily posts by star bloggers.

SINGER22 - Fashion Men's & Women's Online Clothing Store

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